15 June 2006

things i'm thankful for...in no particular order

i'm thankful for...

~brothers and sisters
~air conditioning!
~my husband
~my ipod
~clean sheets
~francine rivers
~feeling the baby move
~cool nights with the windows open
~bethany dillon's song "beautiful"
~frozen lazagne that cooks in under an hour
~baby stuff!
~scrapbooking mags that inspire me to create
~re-discovering old cds that i love
~an organized desk
~walks in the mornings when it's still cool outside
~my new brownie camera
~better than 20/20 vision
~my husband's hugs
~dinners with friends
~kitties! (i miss nani...)
~mutts comic strip (it never ceases to make me smile!)
~a beautiful house
~my brown maternity cargos
~jamba juice
~jack johnson
~argyle socks (seriously!)

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