31 July 2006

old maid, outhouses and other such nonsense

so...right now i'm listening to my husband play old maid with his niece and nephew downstairs...except it's the alaskan version of old maid so they keep laughing at the old maid card which is actually an outhouse. it's getting rather silly down there. they start school on thursday (why thursday? and why so early? who decides these things anyways?) so john and i are trying to get their minds off the impending doom. i took them to the movies earlier...now it's john's turn to entertain. HA...just kidding. actually i was playing mancala with jackie until the dryer clicked off...so now...instead of folding the increasingly wrinkled pile of clothes beside me i'm writing to my blog. typical.
life here in cali is pretty good. it's cooled down about twenty degrees so i'm a happier camper in that respect. plus...we just bought a BRAND NEW CAR!!! woohoo! we needed a bigger vehicle since we'll be carseat toting parents here pretty soon...and after much research we finally took the plunge and bought a 2006 subaru tribeca. for some reason john wanted the suped-up model...so now we are the pround owners of a car with a dvd player in the back. i never thought i'd be one of those people that had a dvd player in their car...they just seem a big frivilous to me...but oh well. they'll be nice for long trips. and i am glad for the navigation system. with my sense of direction...of lack thereof...it will certainly help me out. i'm gonna take some pics tomorrow so everyone can drool over it. :D

so until then...i'll leave you here while i go fold the clothes...finally.

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