30 November 2008

the long and short of it.

oops. i thought i posted this already. oh well...it's a day late.

i have a love/hate relationship with long weekends.

i love them. oh...how i love them.

but man! that monday morning afterward is brutal!

i'm already dreading it.

this weekend has been fun though. very relaxing...which was nice.

thanksgiving day we spend over at john's parents house. they did the turkey and so i just brought a few odds and ends. mashed potatoes, cranberries and these AMAZING sweet potato biscuits. we ate pretty late...around five or so...and after that...i just knitted while elijah and his cousins watched 'cars'.

during the day, we walked over to john's parents old house (which they still own) to check on the turkey. they cooked it in this giant hole in the ground. it's hard to explain and even harder to master but it was a good bird! elijah, miguel and john hung out in the orchard and played on various recreational equipment while john's parents and i did our best to find a decent orange from their plethora of citrus trees. we found a couple of okay ones...but they need a couple more weeks on the tree to be really good.

friday, i spent the whole day debating going to the grocery store but never actually made it. haven't made it yet, to be honest. tomorrow. for sure, i'll go tomorrow.

a little update on elijah and his sleep battles. he is doing so much better at nighttime. last night, he only got up once and the night before that, he didn't get up at all. naptime, however, is a whole different ball game. i might have to think up a different strategy for naptime because this one isn't working so well. he just cries and cries and cries for john, which is easy to remedy on the weekends when he's home. john just goes in there, elijah stops crying and goes to sleep. if john's not home (like yesterday), sleep really just doesn't happen. yesterday, he finally fell asleep, after an hour of crying, only to wake up fifteen minutes later crying for john again. so...naptime continues to be a battle but hopefully soon, he'll get the idea that mommy means business! :-D

i had to pull my maternity pants out this weekend when my "in between" sized pants wouldn't button. but of course, they're still huge. i think i'm going to be wearing a lot of sweatpants for the next couple weeks until my belly does a bit more popping. i really dislike this stage of the belly because, while i think i'm sticking out there, it isn't really obvious to most people. honestly, if you didn't know i was pregnant and just ran into me in the grocery store, you'd probably just think, "that chick needs to lay off the donuts". (not that people pay that close attention or even care...) i can definitely feel this one moving around a lot more...especially the past couple days. just little flutters and kicks but it feels like they're having a good time in there. i have an ultrasound scheduled for the tenth...am excited to see this little one moving and grooving around. john doesn't want to find out whether it's a boy or a girl...and i think he's actually talked me into it. while it would be nice to know, it's not as necessary with the second one...plus...what a fun surprise! we'll see...

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