01 November 2008

tricks and treats.

they're off and running...

they knew what to do...

grr. someone (john's dad) helped him open up a sucker. he kept digging them out, asking, "more? candy? more?" *sigh* it was bound to happen i suppose.

getting treats from abolita.

the trick or treating gang.

buddies. (matching was not done on purpose)

the cape in action.

here's a brief synopsis of our halloween. sorry i'm so tardy posting it.
elijah awoke at two am friday morning burning up with fever. this did not bode well for my halloween plans. undeterred, i embarked on my very first sewing adventure using my sewing machine. (yes, i waited until the actual day to start it. that's just how i roll.) thankfully, i had no major mishaps and i ended up with a pretty cool cape for my boy. he was a SUPER dirt bike rider. see, our friends gave us riding pants and a jersey for elijah that their son had outgrown but seeing as elijah doesn't yet ride dirt bikes, he never really gets to wear them. knowing that the pants were starting to get a little tight in the waist, i thought this would probably be the last time he'd get to wear the outfit. and what a better excuse than halloween?!? so super dirt bike rider elijah man it was. he wasn't thrilled with the cape during the first fitting but i think he was still feeling a bit yucky. but a long nap later, he was ready to go. he and his little neighbor buddy kendall went trick or treating together...just around to the houses we know. it seemed like they enjoyed themselves. once john got home, he got his dirt biking uniform on too and took elijah around on the bike. elijah didn't go to bed until almost 10.30pm; he was having so much fun (that and he'd had one too many lollys...grrr.) anyways...it was a fun night.

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