05 December 2008

naptime, shmaptime.

i just exhausted my repertoire of christmas songs singing elijah to sleep.
and i have a rather large repertoire.
trust me.
i don't know what to do with that boy and naptime!
he's been doing so great going to bed at night on his own...i can't understand why naptime poses such a problem.
if i'm a hardnose and make him stay in his room by himself, he rarely falls asleep. he doesn't play with his toys or try to climb up the shelves...he just sits on his bed or hangs over the gate and cries. if he does happen to fall asleep on his own, i'm sure it's accidental and he wakes up less than 30 minutes later, just sobbing.
but, if i sit with him, rub his head or sing to him (like i did today), he's out in minutes.
what gives?

on a totally unrelated note, we're going to get our christmas tree tomorrow! hooray! i've been slowly pulling decorations out over the last few weeks, just bit by bit. elijah has his own tree in the corner, next to the fireplace. he loves to pull the ornaments down, play with them for a bit and then put them back. he did a great job decorating it! obviously, only the bottom half of the tree is covered (for the most part) but he didn't glob them all into a single section...there's even some on the back! he had me put a few up high...to balance it out i suppose?


bigbucketgirl said...

Oh naptime! My youngest (now 3)gave up naps at 19months. He just wouldn't do it! Bedtime got brought forward 1/2 hour early for a few months but that was it. Gone.

Peplynpak said...

that is a great picture of Elijah! Hope you all are doing well!