31 December 2008

out with the old...

i'm sitting here...alone in my big, dark house...
listening to the quiet reign.
my boys are outside, making bonfires in barrels.
it's cold out there...and until those fires get really roaring, i'm content to stay inside.

i've just been going through the piles of photos that litter my hard drive.
there's quite a few. heh.
it's interesting to view them as a whole...as an entire unit instead of monthly (i organize them by month).
i watched my photographic ability kind of wobble, take a bit of a nose dive in september and then start to climb back up to where it was at the beginning of the year.
i suppose i could blame that on complete and utter lack of creative energy around september/october (due to a little thing called pregnancy)...but regardless...it's a little dispiriting to see.

in addition to watching my photography skills wax and wane, i watched my boy grow from a baby into a little boy. what an amazing progression! (i hope to have his two year old update on here soon) looking back at where he was just a year ago to now is almost more than my mind can take in right now. utter amazement.

welcome 2009.
it's tough for me to say goodbye to 2008.
it almost seems like it would be easier to stay here...
in the comfortable, the familiar.
who knows what 2009 will bring?
it's dark and murky and a little bit intimidating to peer into its future.
but i suppose i best approach 2009 as i did 2008:
one step at a time...
one day at a time.

ps. i'll try to be a better blogger in 2009. :o)

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