24 February 2009


good ol' bathtime.
i love bathtime pictures...
but i rarely take them...
for lots of reasons.
mainly: it's the end of the day and i'm tired.
but also because the lighting is bad (the photographer in me)...
and mixing camera and water is never a fantastic idea.
every once in a while though...it has to be done.
like last night.
we let e play with his pretend shaving cream (the greenish soap in the pictures above)...
as in, we didn't stop him when he basically emptied the entire container into the tub.
good times.

1 comment:

Becky Moseley said...

So cute! I sure wish my little guy would smile like that during his baths. Right now he's on an "I-hate-taking-a-bath-and-I'm-going-to-let-you-hear-about-it" kick at the moment. Bummer.