07 February 2009

weekend in the city.

ok ok...so i've been MIA. so sorry about that! i've been knitting away on all my orders from my grand opening of weebits! so excited about that. but i hate being completely absent from this blog so i wanted to share some fun photos we took in the city last weekend (the city being san fransisco. it's about 70 miles northwest of us). john and elijah spent most of saturday at the ball park (that'd be where the giants play) watching supercross while i drove in later with some friends. we picked a very tired elijah up from the motorcycle craziness and then headed over to do some shopping and have dinner on pier 39...yummy seafood! we spent the night there in the city and then headed back home the next day. it was a short trip, but full of fun too. elijah had some fun firsts while we were there (though this wasn't his first time in the city)...
1. he rode in a taxi (without a carseat which completely freaked me out) and loved going up and down the hills of the city (mama could've done without them...erp.)

2. he got to ride on a merry-go-round! pier 39 (one of the city's top five tourist destinations) has a ton of fun little shops (read expensive and touristy!) and restaurants so we went there to eat dinner. elijah and our friends' kids conner and ashley rode the merry-go-round after we had dinner (i had to ride too as elijah wouldn't get on without me. he wouldn't sit on the horses either. so we just sat on one of the benches and watched the world go by. again...erp.)

3. he loved looking at all the big buildings and watching the traffic way down below him...especially after dark. the fire truck speeding down 3rd, lights and sirens blazing, was a definite highlight.

here's some more pictoral highlights:

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ak_mama said...

i think the pic of e with the red balloon and the water is one of my favorites ever. i think i could do a themed room around that one.