04 May 2009

and now, for the nursery

putting this nursery together has been an ongoing project for the past few months. the first part of the project was getting elijah out of it and into his big boy room. that was accomplished back in january, thankfully without much pomp and circumstance. i didn't want to repaint the room but i did want to make it a little different for this baby. so...to make it easier on myself, i went with the same basic color scheme as elijah's big boy room (except the greens are different) with an alphabet border (it's really hard to see in these pictures). the bedding i have picked out (from target) is super sweet with polka dots and abc's. (note: it's not currently on the bed...i actually haven't bought it yet). anyways...here's a peek at what we've done so far. there's still a few things that i'd like to do...but i'm in no hurry since the baby won't be sleeping in here for the first few months anyways (we have a bassinet in our room). i'm actually considering moving the chair (a wonderful loaner from our neighbors...THANK YOU!) into our room too so that i can nurse in it during those frequent middle of the night feedings. we'll see. there's also a couple chinese lanterns that need to be hung from the ceiling and a print or two i'm going to order from etsy.com with the baby's name/inital. super cute.

enjoy the pictures!

so...that's it!

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Sarah said...

Ooohh Katie! I LOVE your nursery! It's beautiful, and I'm sure your sweet little new baby will have peaceful dreams in such a lovely "nest"... I saw your mom at the store the other day and she said you're getting pretty close. I pray everything goes well for you!