21 May 2009

scenes from daily life

adjusting to life as four...instead of three.
laundry. lots of laundry.
a stubborn little boy. aged two. definitely trying his mommy's patience on a minute to minute basis.
a sweet little girl that likes to sleep. working on the whole eating thing. still.
more laundry. milk soaking through every layer. tired of smelling like spoiled milk.
not enough sleep. can't close my eyes...because of the wonder.
wondering at the blessing of it all.
a daughter.
a son.
a husband that loves me in spite of my distinct aroma and lack of clean clothes.
life is good.

1 comment:

Janet said...

I love this post - and I am looking forward to the same everyday... laundry, spoiled milk and all. I hope you are finding moments to rest.