04 August 2009

tie dye mania

you'd think we're hippies the way we wear tie dye around here lately. (note: i have nothing against hippies. if i had lived in the seventies, i probably would have been a hippie...without all the drugs though.) the reason for all the tie dye? a fun tuesday morning activity! i took a bunch of white onesies and t-shirts over to my friend shawna's house for a tie dye tutorial. we spent a few hours together with our kiddos, tying rubber bands around shirts and then soaking them in dye. the process was fun as well as simple. we'll definitely be doing this again!

some of the still banded shirts drying on our table.

unbanded, rinsed and ready for the line!

some of our creations...told you we had a lot.

lucy models my favorite one of the day. it's hard to see but it's got pink, purple and green in a circular design. tres cute!

e in one of the orange ones. this one didn't turn out as well as some of the others but that's ok...that's what's so great about tie dye!

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