25 August 2009

well...hello there.

i was just perusing my blog and i realized i never posted any (many) pictures from my alaska trip this summer. i posted quite a few from the wedding i shot while i was there...but not really any of the personal stuff (i did post one of my favorite pictures and a pretty photo heavy post from the 4th of july...but other than that...nada.). so...for nostalgia's sake...i'd like to post some now while the memories are still fairly fresh. tonight's offering? a classic tale of boy meets dirt. i came home from shooting ben and anita's wedding to this scene:

and oh my...he was having the best time. obviously. i guess my dad was doing some yard work (i use the word "yard" fairly liberally since their "yard" consists mainly of rocks and dirt...they just moved in in january) and elijah was "helping". sweet. i let my dad give him a bath that night...and those shoes will never quite be the same.

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