06 May 2010

so. funny story...

so. funny story.

this past weekend, john taught elijah how to jump his bike off a little ramp he borrowed from the neighbors. he set it up so that elijah would land in the grass but still, bumps and bruises were inevitable.

thankfully, he only ended up with one skinned knee...and it really wasn't that bad. i don't think he even cried. 

that evening in the bath, however, was a different story.

i was doing baths by myself that night which meant that not only was i the one scrubbing him down but i also didn't have much patience for whining and crying. of course, i couldn't figure out why he was crying. (i had forgotten about the knee injury.) and because he was crying, i also couldn't figure out what he was saying.

once he was rinsed and playing again, i asked him why he had had such a fit while i was washing him. he said it was because his knee hurt. 

"ahhh...", i said, remembering. "did it sting?"

"no, mama. it screamed."

funny kid.

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