01 November 2012

all hallows eve.

I don't really like Halloween.
definitely not in my top three on my list of favourite holidays.
I did enjoy this year's celebration.
mainly because of this:
this was so.much.stinking.fun.
yes, I made their costumes.
and yes, the costumes took forever.
but I considered the amount of imaginary Harry Potter play that occurs around this house anyway and realised it would be completely worth my time.
of course I had to take them out for a mini-photo shoot before they went trick-or-treating.
would have been a shame if I hadn't!
because, honestly, how cute are they?!?
a few more. just because I can.
the boy wizard himself: Harry Potter

sweet Hermione

can't forget Hedwig!

he was totally into his part.

ready to duel?

I adore the feathers on her wee bum.


last one. in the woods.

all photos taken 31 October 2012 by me.

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