16 January 2013

project 365

it seems everyone, i mean EVERYone is doing or has done one of these. i've halfheartedly done a picture-a-day project for a couple months in the past but quickly burnt out on the whole routine. however, since the advent of the iphone and subsequently, instagram, i find myself taking a picture a day without even really trying. so...i join the throngs. there are a few of my own idiosyncrasies though. i am coupling this with a project life binder that i will complete throughout the year. and if that weren't enough, i'm keeping all my photos within one theme: gratitude. we're almost twenty days into january and i have almost twenty days to show for it. i won't be posting all of my project 365 photos on here but some will make an appearance. this is a sampling of the first twenty-ish days (slightly out of order)...

this project was inspired by a few lines from one of my favourite songs (and pictured in the first shot up in the top left corner):
       i am frightened by how easy it can be to live so long going from one things to the next thing to the next until months have gone. and you realise you have really not done anything at all. and you fall asleep believing you've just climbed so you could fall. and i don't believe that who i am is something i can find. it's whoever i create with what i do with all my time. it's WHO i choose to love with all my heart and strength and mind. and whether i believe that what i have is really mine. i want to live with wider eyes, there's far too much to see. i've been longing for the freedom that is waiting silently in the life that's just beyond the small perimeter of me.

here's my list of things i'm thankful for...so far:

this good day. sleep. freedom. books. amazon gift cards. color. knitting (and knitted hats). family of five. daisies and sunshine in january. daily bread. reading kiddies. sunrises. love notes from my son. smash books. cookies. a boy and his duck. play dates. frosty mornings. this city.

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