02 June 2013

savor summer...

spring folds into summer
we are left with traces of the heat of the day
they linger as evening fades to night
rising into the twilight sky
the windows fly open at a hint of a cool breeze 
and leave me with midnight excuses to kiss my sleeping babes as i stealthily slide their windows closed
the summer sun comes earlier than i wish them awake
the sheet is occasionally not enough 
i welcome those nights
the nights when i cling to my husband's broad back and his warmth
and i awaken to pull the coverlet over us
i delight in the dust laden shades if they bring delta breezes through my room
the cool air touches my skin 
reminds me
summer is fleeting 
grasp it with both hands
eat the tomatoes until you can bear it no more
winter always follows
and though i favor it
savor summer, i must. 

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