15 July 2014


originally, when we started planning this trip, I was hesitant to leave London so shortly after arriving to head out into the countryside.
but I also anticipated that we would need a bit of a break from traveling.
a respite.
a chance to truly acclimate ourselves to the new time zone and recover from the craziness of culture shock.
have a few home cooked meals.
watch a lot of movies (Charlie and Lola in particular).
run about. play.
a short stint in the Kent area was exactly what we needed.

I am so thankful we were able to do just that.
a week in the English countryside.

I didn't want to leave.

the week felt so...English.
everything I imagine life to be in this country.
morning strolls down the lane, mug of tea in hand.
breezes rippling the grasses.
a pub lunch with appropriate beverages and nosh.
doing life with friends.
sunshine and rain.
sipping Pimms on the cricket green.
Jaffa cakes. loads and loads.
ah yes.
English country life is grand.

Naomi and Darcy share snacks.

English flag turned Elsa cape.

the farm our cottage was situated on...

narrow country lanes.

bricks and red doors. two of my most favourite things.

feeding the fish at the pub.

our lunch spot. been around for over 400 years. that is staggering to my American mind...

a walk about in the countryside.

just outside the cottage door.

life in the English countryside.
there's not much else like it.


Luke&Heather said...

How will you decide which one of these to send as your Christmas card? They are all fabulous! I wouldn't mind a personal copy of each! ;)

Sam said...

Love these photos! Loving looking at all your posts!

Sam said...

Love these! Ah...English countryside how I miss thee!
Loving all your posts!