09 July 2014

london - at dawn

time zones are a funny thing.
we did our best to trick our bodies into adjusting with minimal fuss.
however, there will always be a bit of adjustment.
and sometimes more than a bit.
especially when one travels halfway around the world.
nine hours ahead of where we departed.

the only bonus to waking up at 4:30 in the morning was the fact that I was able to escape our hot hotel room at the break of dawn to prowl around the unusually quiet streets of London.
supposedly in search of a banana for the smallest wee man.
but really.
I wanted to be alone on the streets of the city I love.

here's a few things I saw:

more to come of my thoughts involving this spot in particular.

after my wanderings, I came back to find this:

we waited until seven am...and then found this:

a full English breakfast. thankyouverymuch.

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