20 November 2006

the most wonderful time of the year...

it's foggy and quiet today. foggy days are almost as good as rainy days. not quite...but prolly at least next in line in the list of "good inclement weather" days. i'm supposed to be cleaning the house...as it is monday and mondays are not only laundry day but also "clean the house" day...but i'd so much rather sit here at my computer and listen to christmas music. so here i am.
i cannot believe thanksgiving is this week. so crazy how time flies. we're still a bit undecided as to what's actually happening on the actual day of thanks. undoubtably we'll be going to john's parents house but we're still not sure if it's going to be crazy mexican style thanksgiving with about fifty people there or just john's parents, sister and her family and us. if i had my way...it would be the smaller version of john's family...but as hispanic families are not democracies (that totally doesn't look spelled right but i looked it up in the dictionary and it is...) my say really doesn't hold much weight. there's nothing wrong with the bigger version of thanksgiving except for the fact that it wouldn't really be thanksgiving. instead of turkey and the traditional fixings we'd be forced to have carnitas (pork cooked in pure lard...and i'm not even joking about the "pure" part of that last statement. it is for that reason alone (and not even that i don't typically even like pork that much) that i refuse to eat them), beans, rice, tortillas and if we're really lucky...maybe a salad. now...any other day of the year...i'm completely satisfied with beans, rice and tortillas (especially if they're homemade!). but thanksgiving is not just any other day of the year. so at the risk of sounding like a spoiled little kid...i'd really like to just have thanksgiving with turkey! is that too much to ask? anyways...i'll stop this rant now...and console myself with the fact that i can have my own mini thanksgiving meal on friday if i want.

another happy thought i could dwell on is the fact that my littlest brother is coming to visit me! yay! it's almost become a tradition...luke coming for thanksgiving...and it is definitely a tradition i would love to continue. when he finishes up at biola the tradition will probably be forced to end since he will most likely not remain in california...but then again...who knows? i like it when my brother comes. we have fun just chillin', listening to music, reading, eating (he likes that part more than i do typically) and the best thing of all...decorating for christmas! (i'm pretty sure he doesn't like that part as much as the eating part...) the pic is from last year when he came up to see us and we went to see harry potter for luke's birthday. we loves our harry potter...yes we do.

this year on the day after thanksgiving we're gonna drive up into the foothills and chop down a real tree...should be fun! last year we just drove down the street to one of those "tree lots" and picked one up there. and although we got a killer tree, this year i wanted to actually chop it down myself. really...i'm not gonna be doing any chopping whatsoever...i'll be watching john and luke do it...but still...it'll be a fun first time. luke's birthday is also this next weekend...on the 26th...so we'll prolly take him out for dinner and a movie or something fun like that. it's his 21st birthday...so i'd love to take him out for a beer...but unfortunately...he's under contract at biola (like most christian schools, they have you sign a contract at the beginning of the year that says you won't drink, smoke, etc.) and since his actual birthday is on sunday...he'll be driving back to biola on the actual day. so yeah...no beer for lukey on his 21st. kind of a bummer...but the beer's not going anywhere...it'll be there when he's not under contract anymore. it'll just havta wait til next time. plus...it's no fun to take someone out for a beer when you can't have one with them. and i definitely want to partake in that with him.
speaking of being pregnant (nice segway...i know), i've only got about three weeks left. um...did someone say yikes? exactly. i'm certainly looking forward to not being pregnant anymore...but the radical life change that's coming still scares me a bit. but i suppose that's completely normal...and i must say...i am excited to finally meet this little man. after so many months of wondering what he'll be like...i'll finally get some answers to my questions...and that is very fun.

anyways...i should really get going. i'm starting to feel a bit guilty just sitting here transcribing my random thoughts onto a computer screen while my house continues to be dirty and the laundry pile seems to grow by the minute. hope this thanksgiving week is relaxing and restful for all...

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