26 December 2006

blessed quietness...

it's the day after christmas and all is quiet. john's watching t.v. while our precious little son sleeps next to him. it's been ten days since elijah entered the world...i can't believe it. sometimes i feel like i just got home from the hospital while other times feel like he's always been here. what an incredible ride these past few days have been. it hasn't been easygetting used to having this little man around constantly demanding attention...so needy...even when he's sleeping! (did someone say laundry?) but it's such a blessing too...despite the lack of sleep. and i wouldn't trade him for all the sleep in the world.

yesterday was a pretty low key day in the anaya household...and it was greatly needed and appreciated! we spent the entire day just lounging around in our christmas jammies...enjoying our little man...watching him sleep...laughing at his funny faces...sharing the duties of newborn life...it was a GREAT day. it was the first day since we've been home from the hospital that we didn't have to entertain anyone or go anywhere...and for that...i was extremely grateful. because although i'm feeling pretty good...my body is still healing and recovering from my 40 hour labor. i sometimes feel like i'm almost back to normal...then the ibuprofen wears off and i laugh at my ignorance. a 4th degree tear doesn't just heal itself overnight.

today we tried to take baby on his first walk...tried being the operative word here. after feeding him, changing him, getting him all bundled up and put in his stroller, we headed outside only to find that it was starting to rain. so instead of walking to starbucks...we walked around the block and called it good. and it was a good thing we did too since not 15 minutes after we came inside, the heavens opened and a torential (no idea how to spell that...) downpour began. oh well...maybe tomorrow.

i'm going to sign off here...my bed is calling my name and since the little one's still asleep, i might actually get some too. more pictures to come...

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