10 December 2006

the day after...

it is officially the day after my due date...and baby has yet to make his entrance. not only that but there's not even any signs or symptoms that he'd LIKE to come. seems to me that i'm too good of a home...he doesn't want to leave! i must say...i truly thought he'd be here by now even though i tried not to look at my due date as written in stone. i guess i kinda am disappointed that he's not here yet. i was just reading a magazine this morning about all the different developmental milestones that babies go through in their first three months and i was getting so excited to see those manifested in my own baby...but alas...all i have right now is an empty bassinet and a huge belly.*sigh* everyone keeps telling me and i know it'll be true...that when the baby is actually here i'll be wishing for the simpler days of pregnancy when the only thing waking me up in the middle of the night was my own bladder...but still...i'm ready for him to be here...to start getting to know him...to kiss his sweet little toes...and kiss his baby head. i'm ready...and it's time...so baby elijah...get out here already! we want to meet you!

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