31 December 2006

a mother's gift

a mother's gift

i've come to a conclusion. in my short two weeks as a mother, i've learned that breastfeeding is hard. i now understand why so many women give up on breastfeeding after only a short time. before i actually tried it myself, i didn't really get it. i just thought you popped the kid on the boob, they sucked til they were done and that was that. but now i know it's so much more than that. it's not only getting the right latch and positioning but it's a completely selfless, sacrificial act. you're giving a piece of yourself and that is drastically opposite of our human nature. we are programmed to be "ME FIRST! ME FIRST!" kind of people and breastfeeding requires the opposite mentality. especially in the middle of the night. especially when the pediatrition doesn't recommend bottle-feeding for another month or so. there are no breaks in breastfeeding. it's all you...all the time. when the little one wants to eat, he eats. no matter if you're hungry or havta pee, no matter if you're so tired you can't keep your eyes open...when the babe cries with hunger, he eats. sometimes i look over at john, all cuddled up in the covers, blissfully sleeping and i almost want to make a ridiculous amount of noise just so he can't sleep either. but of course i don't. because i realize even in my sleep-deprived state that i'm giving my precious baby boy the best start possible and that breastfeeding is a priviledge...not an obligation. so i'm enjoying feeding my little prince and i feel blessed to be able to give him this piece of me. i thank God that he's a good little eater and that we haven't had too much trouble overall getting the hang of this breastfeeding business. well...i've had some trouble (sore nipples and a clogged milk duct) but my little man does so good...i'm so proud of him. at our doctor's appointment on friday, we discovered that elijah has already gained a whole pound! typically, babies don't gain weight that quickly. at two weeks, most babies have only gained back the water weight they lost during the first few days of life. but my little piglet has already gained that weight back and a pound more! he likes to eat...that's for sure...just like his daddy. :D

we're heading out the door for a brief new years celebration at john's sister's house so i should probably quit here. don't know how long i'm gonna last but we should at least make an apperance. happy new year to everyone...

here's to a blessed 2007...

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