25 February 2007

early morning musing...

it's 6.30 am thursday morning. i've just finished a breakfast of organic toaster waffles (who knew?) and juice (well...is superfood really considered juice? it's almost a meal in itself.) i'm just sitting here listening to the rain, watching my precious husband sleep and our little boy squirm away...and i can't help but think...

i probably have a thousand things to do today and since i'm awake...i should probably get started. but i just want to sit here for another moment and soak it all in...


things i've learned in my two months as a mom...
  • i don't need as much sleep as i thought i did to survive
  • i can love someone so much it hurts but still be ridiculously frustrated with them...
  • despite what the pediatrition says, pacifiers are sanity savers
  • breastfed baby's poops really do smell and whoever invented the diaper genie (it had to have been a mom) deserves a medal of some kind
  • breastfeeding is hard and it takes way longer to master than i ever thought possible (i hope it gets easier with each subsequent child)
  • newborn smiles wipe away all traces of sleep-deprivation and any lingering memories of labor
  • there's nothing better than seeing elijah smile in recognition at his momma
  • babies need way more stuff than seems possible but it's amazing what you can live without. however, there's not one corner of the house that's not affected by the baby invasion
  • i can sleep sitting up while nursing
  • a meal together with my husband, where we can actually sit at the table and eat at the same time, is a rare occurance
  • baby will be fine in his bassinette for a few minutes while i brush my teeth and put on some non-spitup stained clothes
  • the laundry never ends
  • forget about spontaneous free time.
  • it's funner to shop for baby than it is for me. the money that i used to spend on clothes, scrapbooking supplies and yarn now all goes to babies r us
  • eight uninterrupted hours of sleep? what's that?
  • the only way i can make it through an entire two hour movie is to watch it at ten o'clock in the morning
  • nothing smells better than a baby's head and nothings softer than their skin
  • the first time he had to get his shots, i cried...probably more than he did.
  • just when i think i can't love him anymore...i do.

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