19 February 2007

it's been a while...observations of a two month old

so...we've been in alaska for the past two weeks...visiting my parents and my homeland. though i love it up there and miss it almost daily...it is nice to be home and settled down a bit. elijah just turned two months on friday and i wanted to share some of his milestones, characterics and general observations of this stage of his life. enjoy!

-can almost sit up by himself

-likes to say "goo"...A LOT!

-"accidentally" rolled over on 18 feb. (i say accidentally because i don't think he meant to do it and i'm not sure he knew what he did...)

-smiles liberally at momma and daddy (except when he's hungry!)

-eating gets better and better

-still no bottle...just momma

-loves his paci (tho the ped says to limit its use...) and needs it to fall asleep sometimes (especially when he's overtired or too worked up )

-first vaccinations on 16 feb...cried so hard! and momma did too...

-can fall asleep by himself most of the time (except when overtired...then he needs momma or daddy's help)

-gets up 2-4 times at night to eat...then falls right back to sleep

-sleeps in bassinette in momma and daddy's room

-starting to nap in crib

-love to "rock out" in his swing

-he's a SQUIRMIE WORMIE! loves to move around...kicking and squirming and reaching for things

-the hair that fell out is starting to grow back in

-eyes are turning brown

-holds all his weight when he's stood up by momma or daddy (or grandma as in the pic...)

that's it for now...more to come

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