07 November 2007

a brief update.

it's been awhile. a long while since i sat down and actually wrote something in my blog. it's not that i haven't wanted to...it's just i simply haven't had the time. some excuse yah? well...my apologies. my life is full of hanging out with elijah (who is only taking one nap on most days), working on christmas presents (got a TON of knitty projects to get done) and just general life stuff. seems like we have something going on every weekend. birthday parties, bar-be-ques, visitors, etc. etc. etc. it is seriously crazy. and the fact that thanksgiving is only three weeks away just boggles my mind. gotta get crackin'.

my parents are here, visiting for a bit. my dad will be here until the 12th; my mom until the 19th. very excited to have some time with them. i will be posting pictures soon.

hopefully my posts won't be so sporadic as they have been. i'll work on that...

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