21 November 2007

just a few tidbits...

just a few things that i feel like noting on this particular (maybe peculiar would be a better word?) day.

first of all...the shower curtain in our guest bathroom just dislocated itself from the wall, making a huge crash and scaring my heart out of my chest. this happened just after my phone rang, the doorbell buzzed and i dropped a large jar of buttons on the floor. and still e sleeps on. hallelujah.

second of all...tomorrow is thanksgiving. and despite my lengthy list of things to get done today, i'm actually feeling pretty prepared for it. the turkey is defrosting itself nicely in the fridge, the stuffing ingredients are prepared (for the most part and that's not because i'm making it from a box), the wine is chilling and well...my house is a disaster. it can't all be peaches and cream right? so. here i sit, blogging, instead of cleaning. i did get the upstairs toilet cleaned. that must count for something.

thirdly...my mother is no longer here. and that makes me sad. it's really amazing to me how quiet the house is now that she's gone. not that she is a loud person by any means, but still, just the fact that i knew there was another person in the house with me (besides e...who is very much a loud person, except when he's sleeping) kinda made up for the perpetual quiet...during naptime anyways. wishing she lived next door...and that she could help me with the disaster that is my house.

fourth. i've come to a very important decision. christmas just isn't christmas without snow. i was leafing through martha's latest...and found myself longing for that cold, wet, white stuff. and i just really felt...deep down in my soul...that i can't go through another christmas without it. is that silly? i feel like it is...but at the same time...it's not. it's not silly...it's necessary. for me anyways.

fifth of all. speaking of christmas...there seems to be an abundance of early preparations this year. several houses in our neighborhood already have lights up and i know of more than a few people with trees up already. makes me feel a bit better about my covert christmas carol enjoyment and the NOEL sign that is sitting in my entryway. maybe i'll put my garlands up today. because really...i have nothing better to do. (complete sarcasm there.)

sixth of all...i've run out of things to say.
seventh of all...the laundry is done and i must get it out of the dryer before all the shirts are wrinkled beyond recognition.
eighth of all...happy thanksgiving to everyone.

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