30 November 2007


did i mention elijah likes steering wheels? i should rephrase that. elijah loves steering wheels. anything round really. he'll take a tupperware lid and "drive" it around the kitchen while i'm making dinner. he's still learning how to make the car sounds...the sounds he does make however...are stinkin' hilarious. love it. love that he's using his imagination already.

the pictures above was taken just after elijah's cousin, miggie, brought over an old steering wheel he had from his nintendo game system. he has a playstation now...so obviously doesn't need or use the nintendo. wow. what a great "gift". miggie just thought he was cleaning out his closet...but really...elijah won't leave that thing alone. so great. a true lifesaving at some points of the day. when he's trying to get into the cupboards for the sixteenth time, all i have to say is, "where is your steering wheel?" and he's off and running. of course, he's back in the kitchen with me in minutes...but at least i have a moments peace.

john and i have been talking about starting to wean elijah. i was prepared to let him go as long as he wanted...but lately...he's been waking up 2-3 times a night, wanting to nurse. i simply don't have that much milk anymore so e gets frustrated and hysterically upset at times. i'm beginning to think that he just wakes up at night and instead of going back to sleep, assumes he needs to eat. it's a habit really. last night, he woke up at one...and after trying to let him nurse...unsuccessfully...i handed him over to john. john rocked him for a bit and e slept on til six am. so. that tells me he's not really hungry...just hungry out of habit i suppose. that still leaves the question though...do i wean him completely? or just break the habit of waking up at night? hmmm...i'm definitely going to wait til john gets back from new jersy to do anything though. yes...john is leaving me at home, alone, again. he's got another training session for work. therefore...he'll be leaving me and elijah for a week. not sure how this is going to go over...it will be an interesting experience to be sure. i almost bought tickets to fly up to visit my parents in alaska for the time john's going to be gone. i let myself hope and dream about playing in the snow with elijah...sitting in the living room of my parents house with just the christmas lights on...seeing the mountains again. for a moment i let myself dream. then i remembered that horrible thing called reality. and the reality is: elijah will hardly sit in my lap for 30 seconds (literally) let alone 3 hours. and really? flying with a one year old = zero fun. so. i came up with a better plan...fly my mom down here to keep me company. yes...she did just leave...but she's willing...so why not? in all honesty...i could do a week with elijah on my own no problem. millions of single moms do it all the time. but really...i'd rather have my mom here if just for the company. so...we're working on that.

*sigh* elijah is awake. and not happy about it from the sounds of it. must go tend to that.

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