02 December 2007


happy december everyone!
the month of birthdays.
at our house anyways.
we celebrate four birthdays in december.
one a week.
it's true.

first, we have my mom's birthday...on the 8th (not that we really celebrate it here...but still...it's a birthday. and there is usually a card and a present and a phone call involved...does that count as a celebration? i think so.).
then...the next week...we celebrate elijah's birthday (16).
and then...the week after that...we celebrate MY birthday (22).
and then...finally...just three days after my birthday on the 25th, we celebrate the most important birthday.
so. december is busy with celebration. obviously.

speaking of celebrations, after much deliberation and discussion...we decided to have a party for elijah. i'm still not really sure why we're doing it...but john's parents were simply aghast that we would even consider not throwing him a party. but really? he doesn't know the difference. we were just going to bake him a cupcake and let him have at it, cameras at the ready. maybe let him play with some wrapping paper or something. but...at the insistence of john's parents...we are having a party after all. it's going to be at their house...and it will hopefully be a low-key affair. hopefully. anaya parties are rarely low-key. so. we shall see.

well...john left this morning for new jersey. poor guy...he had to leave the house at 3.30am in order to be at the airport on time for his 6am flight. no fun. he's made it phoenix...and is currently winging his way to the philadelphia airport where i suppose he will pick up a rental car and drive to new jersey. it's all so crammed together over there...hopefully the hotel he's staying at isn't too far. heard on the news that the east coast is supposed to get slammed with a storm this week. seriously hoping it doesn't delay john's homecoming in any way. oh...and just an fyi...my mom decided not to come down...so as is turns out...it is going to be just e and me this week. should be good times. i'll be sure to update...

i'm off to go work on some christmas gifts...happy sunday.

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