22 December 2007

my twenty-seventh year.

today is my birthday. i am 27. i feel i must announce this simply because it is 22 december. three whole days before the biggest holiday of the year. most people are out shopping today...buying sweaters and video games and slippers that will be worn once out of politeness. they are scrambling to finish up the wrapping, the baking, the preparations. they're sitting in traffic, or at home, making family memories and the like. they are not, for the most part, thinking of anyone's birthday except for the one that is celebrated on the 25th (even if they're not aware of the true reason for the celebration). yes. it's true. i get forgotten. and really, i'm ok with that. i wasn't always ok with it...but i've come to terms with my unenviable fate. so. please don't feel obligated to go out of your way to wish me a happy birthday. i will have a great day regardless of the number of birthday greetings i receive. i actually had a chance (however brief) to read in bed this morning before e decided to wake up. that was birthday gift enough. after that, i had a very yummy breakfast at my in-laws, topped off with a wonderful mimosa. my sweet little boy helped me open my presents (pictures to come later). i am wearing fabulous, brand-new clothes and my husband is taking me to the nutcracker in a couple hours and then out to eat at my favorite restaurant. it has been and will continue to be a great day. i will be sure to post pictures later. for now...here's a picture of what i was doing last year on this day. crazy how time flies...

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Wayne Leman said...

Happy 27th, Katie. Elena and I will celebrate our 35th on the 27th. These are good days toward the end of December.

--Cousin Wayne