10 December 2007


our great tree hunt...in pictures.

yesterday was tree day at the anaya house. finally. typically, i am adamant about getting a tree the day after thanksgiving. however...this year it just didn't happen. and for some reason, i didn't push it. i think part of me just really didn't want to deal with teaching elijah that the tree is just for looking. at this point...he's really not a great listener. surprise. and i was envisioning a trip to the emergency room with a pine needle stuck in elijah's little throat. not fun. so. with john gone all last week...we weren't able to actually get a tree until yesterday. and after much discussion, (do we get a small tree and put it up out of e's reach (and be extra vigilant about cleaning up the needles)...or get a big tree and put a gate around it?) we decided to go neither route and instead decided to buy a tree we can plant outside after christmas is over. it is a smaller tree, that sits up out of elijah's curious fingers but since it's a live tree, it doesn't drop as many needles. a good compromise, i think. it's not decorated yet...i'm saving that for this evening after john gets home from work. pictures will follow. speaking of pictures...the kids (as in john's niece and nephew, jackie and miggie) and i also made christmas cookies this weekend. tres fun. i will have pictures of those soon. until then...

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