04 December 2007

christmas pictures.

i snagged these pics the other day while e was playing before his morning nap. love the christmas jammies. while john and i don't get to wear our special christmas pajamas until christmas eve...i figured i'd let e wear his throughout the whole month. no harm in that right? especially since he's so darn cute in them! i considered using these pictures for our christmas card...just because i wanted to get them sent out this week...but seeing as how that hasn't happened yet...i may hold out til john gets home so we can do a family shot. i have so few pictures of all three of us...it'll be a good thing. even though it means my christmas cards will go out much later than i had hoped. oh well...in the scheme of things...not a big deal.

john should be home sometime saturday...definitely looking forward to that. it has literally been the longest week of my life. not that it's been that hard being a single mom for the week...it's just so lonely. although...i have gotten a lot more done in the evenings than i would have with john here...simply because i don't have as many "wifely" responsibilities (cooking, cleaning up after cooking, etc.). it's not that i don't do those things...it's just that i'm only doing them for me and e...it's less somehow.

i'm off to go work on some more christmas presents. kinda cutting it close here...hopefully i can get everything done in time.

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