14 December 2007

frosty winds...

been having some super cold weather lately...well...super cold for here anyways. the last few mornings we've woken up to a world of frosty white. love it. not as much as i love waking up to a snowy landscape...but i'll take what i can get. speaking of snow...i wrote out a christmas list for john a couple weeks ago (at his request) and one of the last things i put on it was a white christmas. he came to me later after reading it and was like, "what gives? i can't control the weather!". silly john. i had to explain to him that i didn't want him to bring the snow to me...i wanted him to bring me to the snow. took him a few minutes but he finally got it. and then we briefly discussed going to tahoe for a couple days to hang out in the snow...but in the end, decided not to. we're just going to stay here and have some precious, relaxing family time. no agenda, no commitments. just family, christmas jammies, and yummy food. can't wait.

thought i'd share a bit of our christmas decor. while the tree is still depressingly bare, the rest of the house is quite festive. here's a couple pictures to prove it.

here's my little advent calendar. yes i did get it at starbucks. but it was on sale! only $10. i just found another one at michael's today...it was on sale also...from martha stewart crafts that i'm super excited to use next year. it's a way cute little house with flaps hidden all over it.

this is what our family room looks like right now. i've been meaning to hang a wreath over the "noel" sign but just haven't gotten around to it. maybe this weekend? the lovely poinsettia is from john's mom and it is gorgeous. i wish i could have it sitting on the ground so i could enjoy it a bit more...but the fact that it's poisonous and elijah can't keep his hands off it...well...on top of the tv it will stay.

this is one of my favorite things in the house...my collection of berry wreaths. i hope to continue adding more as the years go on...for now...i'm content with three. i might just leave them up through the entire winter months...they're just so happy hanging on the wall right there. i know it sounds cheesy but i like looking at them when i'm doing the dishes. i know. i'm weird...

i do think that's it for now. i have been working on elijah's "one year" album that i'm excited to share with you. it's almost done...just the december 2007 page and the cover to do. i'll be finishing it up today and hopefully posting pictures sometime this weekend. elijah's birthday party is saturday afternoon though...so we'll see. pictures of that will definitely be coming by monday at the latest.

happy weekend!

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