31 December 2007

it feels like saturday.

it is 2pm on monday and i am home alone. this rarely...if ever...happens. even if i do happen to find myself alone in the house...it is usually only for a short amount of time...and for the most part, my precious boys are only a shout down the street away (at grandma's typically). but not today. no, today, they are miles away. i told myself that these next few hours alone shouldn't bring such exhilaration to my soul...but honestly...i can't lie. i welcome the unexpected aloneness and relish the ability to do whatever i want, listen to whatever music i want (even christmas music) at whatever volume i choose. i almost feel guilty about it. but then i remember how good this is for me, and i get excited again.
john took his nephew, miggy and elijah on a little drive up into the foothills where john's uncle has a cabin. we spent the day there yesterday (pictures to come) with john's parents and aunt and uncle. john's parents decided to stay the night last night while we came home instead. therefore, they need a ride back since john's aunt and uncle aren't coming back until tomorrow evening. john, miggy and elijah will get to play in the snow for a bit and then they'll head back home and we'll all trek over to john's cousin's house for a new year's eve party. the cabin is only an hour-ish drive away so it's not super far...but far enough to give me a few precious hours to do whatever i want.

so. i'm off to do something i normally can't when they're around...hmmm...what to do? what to do?

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