01 January 2008

a look back: in pictures.

happy new year everyone!

2008. huh.

who knew 2007 would have supersonic wings...it literally flew right by me.

so...to commemorate the beginning of this brand new year...i thought it would be fun to briefly look back over the past year. seriously...i cannot comprehend how quickly this year galloped by...unfathomable...literally. especially when i look back at the pictures.

so...here's 12 of my favorite shots from 2007...one from each month. in order to pick only one picture from each month (as i have thousands), i narrowed my choices down to only pictures from the first day of the month (or as close to the first as i could get). i hope you enjoy my little photographic journey through 2007 as much as i enjoyed looking through a year's worth of photos to find these little gems.













and another one...just for fun.

this was taken up at john's uncle's cabin on monday...so almost in january. :D it was elijah's first time playing in the snow and after he figured out that gloves are a necessity, he was in heaven. more to come on that little trip later. i realized today as i was looking through all my pictures (i literally have over 10,000 pictures from 2007!!! good thing i have a big hard drive...) that i have so many stories yet to tell. not only from the past few weeks of holiday happenings, but from the past year as well. these are stories i want to remember twenty years from now. i don't want them to get lost in the living of everyday daily life; they need to be preserved, if only for my memory's sake. so. along with all my other goals and resolutions for 2008, i have decided to once a week, blog about a picture, a memory or a moment that i want to remember from the previous year before they get lost forever. some of those blogs will end up on scrapbook pages. others will just sit in cyberspace. but regardless, i want to put my thoughts and realizations into words. so. hold me to it, will ya? thanks. :D

here's to a blessed and prayerful new year.

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