11 January 2008


are you a croc lover? oh...i am. i so am. i love those silly shoes. if i was made to choose only one pair of shoes that i had to wear for the rest of my life...the only trouble i'd have making that decision was deciding which color to choose. brown? green? black? or my new love...red (i don't actually own red ones yet. but i will. in the prima style. they look like ballet flats. they are WONDERFUL!) anyways. i'm getting off topic here. the point of this post is to announce to you, my blogger friends, that elijah now has his first pair of crocs. woot!
technically, he doesn't have them yet. but they are on their way. we went to the mall today to buy some for our trip to hawaii (in a week! yeehaw!) but unfortunately...both stores that carry crocs in his size only had mickey mouse or spiderman ones. um...no. no thank you. he needs to have just plain regular crocs. this is very important you see...because we must match! obviously.
anyways...i did a little research online today when we got home. have you ever looked at the crocs website? it is crazy! who knew they made all those cool shoes? and clothes? and other stuff? seriously cool. i spent far too much time on there. not quite as much time as i spent designing my own chuck taylors (which i never actually bought. go figure.)...but still.
so...all that to say...there is a super cute mother/son picture coming as soon as elijah's shoes get here!

in other random news...elijah is not a fan of peanut butter. yet.

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