17 January 2008


right now...
i'm irritated.
for a lot of reasons.
but mainly...
because elijah just broke my favorite salad bowl.
it wasn't entirely his fault...
and that irritates me too.
if i'd just taken him up to bed
(where he is right now...peacefully sleeping)
when we got home instead of sorting through the mail first...
he wouldn't have been digging around in the kitchen cupboards.
the fact that i have a monster headache doesn't make it any better.
and i'm not really mad about the bowl.
it wasn't a family heirloom or anything like that.
it's actually a pyrex bowl that i could probably go buy at bed, bath and beyond.
i'm annoyed because i just really don't want to go clean it up and worry that i missed something.
that little fragment of glass that's going to embed itself in someone's big toe always worries me.

so. yes.
the mess is still covering my kitchen floor.
while i sit here on my computer.
i thought i'd take a little break before tackling it...
give myself a little time to let the annoyance dissipate.

it's not working.
i'm still as annoyed as ever.
and starting to stress about all the things that have to get done before bedtime tomorrow night.

at least i've started packing.
that's one thing done.
and the kitchen is (mostly) clean. (or should i say "WAS mostly clean"?)
that just leaves...
the REST of the house to clean
the REST of the packing
the laundry
the cleaning out of the refrigerator
the paying of the bills
etc. etc. etc.

i'm still annoyed.
but need to get up
and get going.
can't sit here and smolder all day.

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