14 January 2008

better left said.

i did a photo shoot yesterday for a local band called 'better left said'. they have a myspace page if you want to check them out. these shots are for their cd cover/jacket as well as some promo stuff. i haven't done anything like that in a really long time so this was fun. got to try out some stuff i've had floating around in my head...though i tried to keep it focused on the band and not my artistic endeavors. i did forget to try one of my ideas and that bums me out but i'm pretty excited about what i did get so i won't worry too much about one missed shot. here's a few of my favorites...in no particular order...

individual shots

sean. guitar. and some vocals.

eli. guitar. maybe some vocals? (i don't remember.)

pj. percussion.
i had trouble coming up with ideas for his shot...only because he plays one of those percussion box-thingys (forgive me for not remembering what they're called) and i didn't just want a picture of him sitting on a box. so...this is the best i could do. probably should have done a little more research...got some more ideas...oh well. next time.

ronnie. vocals.

chris. bass guitar.

in other news...i've got another story brewing for later on this week. so be on the lookout for that. got a busy week ahead of hawaii preparations. i should be pretty busy but promise to post a couple more times before we leave. until then...

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blessedmommyof2 said...

great job! is that pj and ronnie?