05 January 2008


i mentioned briefly in my previous post about my 2008 calendar. i bought this making memories calendar with some of the birthday money my mom gave me. it wasn't a big purchase...and really, it was almost an afterthought. you see, i like alterable, do-it-yourself calendars but to be honest, i was a little burnt out on those kind of calendars when i purchased this one. i had been working on my mom's annual christmas present calendar and just really didn't think i'd be able to summon the creativity to actually do one for myself. but...it was only 8 dollars so...on a whim...i added it to my shopping cart. and when it came in the mail...i found myself getting excited about it. but also a bit intimidated. the calendar is completely blank. no idea book, no paper/sticker/die-cut kit like the ones i usually get my mom, nothing. just the calendar to do with as you wish. the lack of structure threw me a bit. i had no idea where to begin. so i set it aside, hoping for a smashing idea to come my way.
then, a few days ago, as i was thinking about goals and going through some piles of scrapbooking paper that i had tucked away in a corner of my "mess room" to save for later, i came across some really cool cork board paper (by karen foster designs) and that gave me an idea. why not make my calendar page bulletin-board-esque and post some of my goals on it as a reminder? inspired, i got to work. and although the finished product was not exactly what i'd originally envisioned, i still like it. maybe even better than i my original idea. i was also able to finish both february and march's layouts in the same creative spurt (though not on the same day)...i'll post those here on the first of each respective months. i'm excited about this project...to work on it throughout the year, to see where it takes me and most of all, come december, to look back at it as a finished album of my year. good stuff.

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