09 January 2008

little cabin in the woods.

last week, our little family took a drive "over the river and through the woods" to john's uncle lupe's cabin. what a fun day! the cabin is in long barn (population 1,100), and it's right above the 5,000 ft. elevation line so there was definitely snow for us to play in. not as much as we would have liked...but the perfect amount for elijah's first play day in the snow.
being up there, surrounded by trees and snow, on the side of a mountain made me miss home so much...and really renewed my desire to move out of the flat-as-you-can-get central valley. seriously...the only hill i go over on my daily walks with elijah is the overpass over the freeway. not cool. so not cool. at all. thankfully, this is a desire john shares with me...but however, it cannot be a reality right now. and i know that...but it certainly provides my soul some sanity to dream about it. to pretend...for just a brief moment...that the cabin is our home...our own little cabin in the woods. i can dream, can't i? so...here's some pictures of our snow day...enjoy!

yes...i let him eat the snow.

anticipation: john was throwing snowballs. don't worry. he never hit him with one. amazingly.

the gloves were too big...but at least he wore them...only after he figured out for himself that SNOW IS COLD!

walking in the woods.

oh...how i miss this!

'lijah and papi juan


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