11 December 2007

i need your help!

edited: thank you all for your comments! i have finally choosen just one and sent it in. the one i decided on was number two. so. we'll see how it goes! i'll know by monday, the 17th, if it made it into the finalists. i'll be sure to let you know so you can stop by and vote! thanks again.

ok. i need your opinion. there's a photo contest going on on this blog and i'd really like to enter. only problem...i can't decide which photo to pick! so...that's where you come in. please help me choose between these four beautiful photos. the theme is feet...can you tell? i've got too much sentimental attachment to them to choose just one. help me please!


The Monroes said...

I love the last one(two sets of feet)-very touching

Judy said...

I love #3, with all of your feet.

Wayne Leman said...

I vote for #2 (second from the top). It's so nicely framed.