10 March 2008

march: day nine

two neighbor kids playing together.

elijah has a built in girlfriend. it's true. kendall lives next door. she's about four months younger than e. and she's a cutie.
they are complete opposites.
e is a boy. kendall is a girl. obvious...but worth pointing out.
kendall is a watcher. elijah is a doer.
etc. etc. etc.
up until this weekend...they were never very interested in interacting with each other (typical for the age)...
but yesterday, they had each other laughing and giggling, playing peek-a-boo and "touch hands together between the mesh that separates us" and just any little kid game they could think up.
hilarious to watch.
super cute.
can't wait to see them walking down the sidewalk together...making their own little adventures.

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