06 March 2008

sight. sound. smell.

we had a taste of summer last sunday as we held the first bar-be-que of the season. last summer, it was all about the bar-be-ques on lyman place. someone would pick up some meat at the carnecedia (mexican meat market...it's grub!) and some beers and we would all hang out in front of our neighbor's house (mainly because they have the bar-be-que) eating, laughing, watching the kids play...you know...hanging out. it was a weekend ritual and this past sunday, we shook the dust off the bar-be-que cover and inaugurated this season of outdoor fun. some sights/sounds/smells from the afternoon that i don't want to forget...or that i want to remember when it's 105* outside...whichever.

bubbles glinting.
buds blooming.
e laughing at his cousin.
different shades of green in so many combinations.
a full plate of goodness in front of me.
watermelon juice dripping down e's chin.

meat sizzling on the grill.
bob marley.
the "ding ding" of e's little bike.
the wind whispering.

almond blossoms.
yummy tacos.
cilatro and lime mingling on my fingers.
the clean scent of spring.

it is here. spring. there's no denying it...as much as i wish i could. the blossoms are at their peak. the sky is the magnificent sun-washed blue that only appears in spring, after a winter's rest. even the birds have an excited air to their tiny hops as they search the grass for leftovers. it is here. spring.
and it is lovely.

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