14 April 2008

and just like that...it's summer.

what a weekend.
90 degrees both days...and no breeze to speak of.
can i say it again?

it's so funny to me...
one day it's a beautiful 75...
then boom.
it's 92.
no warning whatsoever.
nothing gradual about it.

it was so obvious to me this morning while i was doing laundry.
i was washing long sleeved shirts and pants and socks and jackets from earlier in the week...
then shorts and sleeveless shirts from this weekend.
just the fact that on monday, elijah wore two long-sleeved shirts, one on top of the other seems ridiculous to me now.
but on monday, it was cold. (well...if you call 60s cold...)

planning to upload this past week's "picture a day" stuff later on...
want to work on garage sale stuff right now...

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