24 April 2008

e. today. at sixteen months.

just a bit of a 'lijah-man update. little bits of his life so i can remember when "someday" comes.

talking/words: more/mas (mas = more in spanish), num-nums (yum-yums), all done, all gone, dada, baba (grandma), papa (grandpa), aba (abolita), "ow-sigh" (outside), "ba ah" (backyard), "ahwa" (agua/water), buh (bye), oh yeah, ball, moon, buh buh (big truck), vroom, ba (bath), up, apain (airplane), box, pa (park), potty, boom, "lijah" (elijah), bebe (baby), blue, moos (like a cow), trumpets (like an elephant), "argh" (like a pirate)

eats pretty much anything i put on his tray.
weights about 23 pounds.
wears mostly eighteen month clothes across the board/size five in shoes.
won't let anyone feed him anymore. he has to do it by himself. and does a pretty good job of it.
does "stunts" on his little bike.
goes up and down the stairs by himself (with mom or dad following closely behind).
loves to wear momma's slippers around the house. even steals them right off her feet!
makes vroom-ing noises every time he sees a motorcycle or truck.
dances around the house and asks for the music to be turned on (if it's not already).
points to the sky and says "apain" every time an airplane flies over head.
points up when you ask him where the sky is; down for the ground.
proudly puts one finger up in the air when you ask him how old he is (starting to say ONE along with the finger).
can drink from a non-sippy cup by himself (but i only let him do it outside where spilling is not such a big deal).
is starting to enjoy books and reading. always picks out "where is baby's mommy?" and "wynken, blynken and nod" for "before bed" storytime.
has to have ducky and paci for nap/bedtime (still!).
wants to be held more often (a bit of separation anxiety maybe?).
doesn't like waiting...especially for dinner!
takes one two hour(ish) nap a day.
likes going to the church nursery after he's been there about five minutes.
does "cheesy smile" (see picture above) when i get the camera out.
doesn't like getting dressed or sitting still for "medicine" (the eucerin cream he has to have on his back for his eczema (sp?))

loves fisher price "little people" toys.
loves "driving" daddy's/grandpa's truck or the ride-on lawnmower.
loves digging in the dirt (obviously...he's a boy!).
loves brushing his teeth by himself/hates when momma takes over.
loves combing his hair.
loves going outside to play.
loves "helping" momma get the mail.

favorite foods: peas, cheese, bread, yogurt, crackers, strawberries, bananas, blueberries (any kind of fruit, really), chicken, milk

i guess that's it for now. i'll add to this as i keep remembering little things...

i'm startled daily when i look at him and see a little dude instead of my sweet baby boy.

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