12 May 2008

mother's day musings.

happy mother's day.

yes, i know i'm a day late. but yesterday, i was busy. i was celebrating my motherhood.

and celebrating the little dude that made me a mother.

so glad it was him.

i really love what amanda soule had to say about being a mother and celebrating mother's day. she's the author of a book i'm dying to devour called "the creative family". i highly encourage you to pick up a copy if you're wanting ideas of way to be creative with your kids. its bound to become a homespun classic in my house...anyways. this is what she wrote in her blog: (it can be found in its entirety here.)

"My days - much like yours, I would guess - are full of tiny, simple, ordinary, even mundane moments like this one. Sometimes they have more tears, anger, attention, care, frustration, distraction, noise, or joy - the emotions and the circumstances run the full and entire spectrum. Sometimes I'm more present than other times. The moments of mothering, in my experience, aren't full of dynamic, extravagant and earth-shattering events. They're full of little moments like these. The world quietly turning, a heart steadily beating."

i love that. so much of what i do on a day-to-day basis is not earth-shattering or even remotely consequential. it's just the mundane, the ordinary, the messy, the frustrating, the over-and-over again reminding that we don't throw the blocks. it's not extravagant, it's not pretty, it's not full of celebrity. on the contrary! it's ordinary. it's just life. but it's in those ordinary, just life moments that memories are made, that little lives are shaped and molded into something so special, so extraordinary. a person. an extraordinary life. i am blessed to have such an opportunity and will continue to remind myself of that whenever i'm feeling the weight of those ordinary days. when the frustration comes, as it inevitably will, i will try to remember that.

key word being try i suppose.

the mothers that were celebrated.

my mother's day was spent just hanging out, enjoying the somewhat blustery weather. the boys fixed us kebabs with rice...i made a strawberry/rhubarb crisp. john's dad gave me a beautiful azalea...i hope i don't kill it. i'm not good with "pretty" plants. i'll enjoy it for as long as i can keep it alive i suppose. john gave me permission to go shopping...a pretty heady thing since we haven't been able to afford such frivolity for a while. i got lost in the gap...and came back with some wonderful finds from the sale rack. thankful for that.

had a wonderful saturday morning at the farmer's market. i just love walking around, taking in all the colors, sights + sounds.

bought some local honey. it's supposed to help with allergies. and since i'm so seriously over dealing with the constantly runny nose, the itchy sore throat and the "they itch so bad i just want to tear them out of my head" eyes, that i'll try just about anything. this stuff is really strong though...so instead of taking the daily tablespoon all in one go, i think i'll do a little bit spread throughout the day. maybe it'll go down a bit easier that way.

also super excited about this. i've been wanting a clothes line for a while now...and i finally put it up this weekend. i'll only use it for sheets, towels and the like since i don't want our clothes to get faded in the intense summer sun but still...i'm excited to have line-dried linens in my house. i suppose it won't help my allergies much...but i'm willing to deal with the consequences of having fresh, outside-scented laundry in my midst.

i'm off to get some much-needed house-cleaning done before the dude wakes up.
happy monday.

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beth said...

I have been wanting to line dry my clothes too. I have a dog that would die to get his paws on some clothes, though!

Where's the farmer's market? It looks great!