09 May 2008


today, i discovered a load of laundry in the dryer and am completely baffled at how it arrived there.

today, i had the most magnificent breakfast imaginable: fruit salad (strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries apples), scrambled eggs with cheese and fresh dill, homemade bread with honey and my can't-live-without-it staple: coffee.

today, elijah was tired at 10am and actually fell asleep when i put him in his crib.

today, i need to go to the post office.

today, i want to complete my "ode to a beach" layout.

today, i'm feeling productive.

today, my house is a disaster, especially my kitchen.

today, i am missing the mountains of my homeland.

today, i am looking forward to going to the farmer's market tomorrow.

today, i wish john could stay home and just hang out with us.

today, i'm wondering if kymber (parents: rich and steph, our neighbors) and rane (parents: casey and shayle, long time friends) are going to be born this weekend.

today, i'm going to fix linguine with artichokes for dinner.

today, i'm wishing that the leftover garage sale stuff would organize itself.

today, i'm thankful...for today.

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