09 July 2008

july: day nine.

there are a thousand pictures i could have picked for this day...almost literally. we visited three different alaskan beaches on the ninth of july: the homer spit, the leman/denbleyker beach in ninilchick and doner-ville in clam gulch. elijah had his first taste of jam (homemade boysenberry at the sourdough express in homer), touched his first salmon (not a fun experience for him), threw rocks in the ocean with papa, splashed in mud puddles at uncle dan's house, played in the sand on the beach that holds so many dear and precious memories for me, visited the nature center in homer where he got to run and play and touch seaweed, discovered buoys, fish nets and other essential beach paraphernalia and really experienced a piece of alaska that i love. it was a busy and full day and there are so many favorite pictures that i could choose. but i chose this one because i think it sums up and defines the day best. three of my most favorite people on a beach that i love...it doesn't get much better than that.

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