28 July 2008

a mondays muse.

i've been staying away from the computer lately...
actually...staying away from everything that reminds me how far behind i am...still.
the computer is the main one.
every time i turn it on, i'm reminded in a very glaring way that i still have pictures to edit, upload and send. i still have blogs to read, websites to get caught up on and creative projects that need researching.
naturally...i understand that none of those things are absolutely necessary...which is why it's so easy for me to just not even turn my computer on.
it's easier to just do the things that need to be done and hope that i might have a few minutes at the end of the day to check my email. typically, that doesn't happen. ever.
why am i saying all this?
i guess just to let you know that i do have good intentions. and i do want to get back into the daily habit of blogging and picture taking.
i have elijah-man stories i want to share.
i have garden delights that need posting.
i have alaska trip recaps that i don't want to forget.

i hope.

ps. i have been getting back on track with my "picture a day" posts. they're posted under their original date so if you want to get caught up on them, just scroll down until to you see them or click on the "picture a day" link on the right hand side.

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