21 July 2008

to be home...

i'm home.
i'm back.
i'm here.
but here.
it is good to be back...
to settle in...
with a grateful sigh.
but there is a tinge of melancholy in my sigh...
i wish we never had to leave.
ah alaska...
how i miss you!

trying to figure out when i can get back there...
perhaps thanksgiving if i'm good and save my pennies.
i need to take advantage of the time i have while e is still able to fly for free.

i have so many words swirling, swirling, swirling through my head...
words that i want to put down some where.
but they refuse to settle down into my fingers so i can type...
or into my pen so i can jot them down...
they are words that describe memories.
the magic of being back home.

i have pictures as well.
as usual.
and of course...by the thousands.
i am doubly overwhelmed by them...
simply because i have several hundred from before i even left that need to be edited.
i'm working on it.
right now.
i'll work on it right now.

1 comment:

beth said...

Hey. I miss you. I don't think we've both been in California since the beginning of the summer. How are you?