21 August 2008

20 at 20

a little peek into the life of elijah at twenty months...

1. sleeps in his big boy bed (a mattress on the floor to be exact that still doesn't have any sheets on it (just a mattress cover) because john won't let me put the pink one on there and i'm too lazy to go buy one)

2. favorite books: "i'm a truck", "gerald mcboing boing", wynken, blynken and nod", "goodnight moon"

3. speaks both english and spanish

4. weighs 23 pounds/is 32 inches tall

5. still loves fruit

6. calls all cats "nani" after he visited my brother and sister-in-laws house and met their cat named nani...

7. loves motorcycles still...will ride with dad for hours...

8. finally figured out how to do a somersault on his own.

9. still needs paci and ducky

10. tries so hard to jump

11. climbs up on daddy's old honda 50 and pretends/tries to kick start it

12. says please and thank you most of the time (but only because he knows it will get him what he wants!)

13. wears his helmet when riding his bike and knows it's for "bonks"

14. likes to hold hands at the table and then shout, "AH-men!"

15. can count to three and can point to the correct color when asked (though when asked to name said color, it's always "boou!". he's starting to throw orange in there sometimes too).

16. loves to dance and has figured out how to turn the music on at his grandparents house.

17. looks for cars before crossing the street (most of the time)...always shouts, "CAR!" while doing it...

18. warming up to water/pools

19. still in size 18 month clothes but his pants are always still too big in the waist

20. loves hanging out with kendall and always asks if she's home. ("kenda? ome?")

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